Breast Diseases and CancersMelanomas are skin cancers with aggressive behavior and a tendency to spread to lymph nodes and internal organs. We utilize state-of-the-art technology, including PET/CT scans, to accurately stage melanoma tumors prior to surgery. Melanoma surgery usually includes removal of the tumor with a rim of normal skin, as well as thorough evaluation of the draining lymph nodes at adjacent lymph node basins. A sentinel lymph node is the first node draining the lymphatic from the area of the tumor. If there is evidence of cancer within the sentinel lymph nodes, lymph node dissection (removal of the all lymph nodes in these areas) is required. In more advanced cases, removal of the metastasis (metastatectomy) or hyperthermic isolated limb perfusion or infusion may be indicated.
We work in close collaboration with plastic surgeons, interventional radiologist, and medical oncologist to plan the best treatment plan. We also specialize in finding and enrolling you in the latest local and national clinical trials.