Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Lawrence Medical Associates, PC?

Lawrence Medical Associates, PC is a unique practice offering state-of-the-art surgical services with emphasis on cancer conditions and cancer surgeries. Here, you have direct access to your surgeon without need to pass through multiple intermediaries. Every step of your care from initial consultation, to performing the operative procedure and post-operative care is performed by Dr. Shafaee. We will coordinate your treatment with your primary care physician to ensure the best possible outcome.

I was seen by another surgeon and would like to obtain a second opinion?

Dr. Shafaee will interview and examine you and after reviewing all tests and investigations will provide her recommendations. A copy of your consultation report will be sent to your primary care provider at your request.

Do I need referral?

Some insurance plans require referrals for specialist visit. Please check with your plan regarding their referral policy. If necessary, we will work with your primary care physician to obtain the referral; however, you are ultimately responsible for providing the required referral at the time of visit.

What should I do prior to my visit?

Please provide our office with the results of all prior tests and investigations that have been performed. In case of imaging studies such as mammogram and CAT scan, we prefer printed films or a CD of images. This information is critical in the decision-making process to develop your final treatment plan. We recommend filling out the registration, medical history, and physical forms prior to your first appointment. Many patients find it helpful to write down all questions prior to consultation.