Lawrence Medical Associates, PC - Zahra Shafaee, MD FACS

Lawrence Medical Associates, PC is a unique multi-specialty medical practice dedicated to excellence in the medical field and we are happy to welcome Zahra Shafaee, MD, FACS as our surgical oncologist. Her goal is to provide state-of-the-art surgical care close to home. Our private practice setting provides a warm and intimate environment where you will have direct access to your physician without multiple steps and intermediaries.

We will design a custom treatment plan and help you step-by-step through your treatment journey. Our team will support you from initial consultation to operation, including coordination of care with medical and radiation oncologists and other specialists, as needed. We provide the highest level of surgical care by integrating national guidelines with the latest cancer research information. We perform minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery.

Our practice is very unique as we offer laparoscopic surgery for most cancer conditions to deliver faster recovery and better cosmetic results, while respecting the principles of cancer surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery may be converted to open surgery, either for safety or long-term outcome considerations.

We are devoted to a top quality and patient centric practice and looking forward to serve you.

About Dr. Shafaee